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How to Invest
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How do you know which investment is sound and which is not? How do you know if the plan you enroll into is comprehensive? Can the quote be customized for you?
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About Us

Insurance Services by John Oliver Frederick is one deeply dedicated insurance company for you and the things and the people you value. We are committed to serving honorable individuals of Florida, Maryland and New York; we are committed to you and of keeping everything of value to you properly insured. We cannot predict what’s going to happen the next minute, later or tomorrow. We could never be too sure. No matter how careful we are, some things are out of our hand. Even so, we could protect the things we own from the effect of the unexpected events, but how? That is why we are here, to help you with that.

Our staff is friendly and smart, so we could help you greatly with which unique insurance is rightful for your special lifestyle. By being vigilant to the client’s needs and keen attention to details, we have succeeded with our services. With your timely feedback and positive response to your concerns, we have grown so significantly. So it’s you we have to thank. And in gratitude, we are in maximum service to you.

Check out our services in details in our service page, or start shopping for insurance online. Call 866-528-0629.