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How to Invest
in an Insurance Plan

How do you know which investment is sound and which is not? How do you know if the plan you enroll into is comprehensive? Can the quote be customized for you?
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Welcome to
Insurance Services by John Oliver Frederick

Life is full of surprises.  It has unexpected twists of joy, sorrow and pain.  Great if it’s joy, no problem.  But if it is sorrow and pain…

Are you prepared?

In our moment of shock and mental block, in the moment we almost give up and say we don’t know what to do, be assured that someone knows best what has to be done, not only knows but could really do what’s so significantly has to be done.

Insurance Services by John Oliver Frederick, your assurance for quality insurance!

Insurance is one of the most important things in life.  Of the unpredicted future, at least something is certain.  In case of loss, damages and what not, we are assured of a lesser risk. It gives us control of what we thought to be predetermined by the unknown.

Be in control, be ready, let Insurance Services by John Oliver Frederick be your safety net! Have a hassle-free, comprehensible and pleasant insurance shopping experience with us. Contact us at 866-528-0629.

Consult With Us in PersonConsult With Us in Person

You can speak with an insurance agent personally.  It will be our pleasure to guide you into choosing a comprehensive plan that fits you or your family’s needs.  We also offer other forms of insurances and investment advice.
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